Friday, 29 November 2013

Content, Tired or Lazy?

As I haven't written anything in quite a while I believe one of two things have happened. I am either so content with the things happening in my life that I have no need to vent to you all, or I have been so over worked and busy that I have had no time to write. However, considering that there are still quite a few things that annoy me in my day to day life, it must be option number two. I have been worked to the bone, past the point of exhaustion, to the stage where all I want to do in my spare time is sleep.
I could bore you with the details of my busy life, but lets face facts no-one wants that. Instead I shall make a small post about my return to the blog-o-sphere.
I am returning, so be prepared.
Expect at least weekly posts for the next month or so as life dies down and my writing picks up. I may even share with you portions of a novel I am currently writing (if you're good that is). So stay tuned and get ready for the writing storm that is Darcy.

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