Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Beating Boring Bands

I got a chance to interview Effects of Boredom a while back, thought you might all enjoy my report from it!!

Local Brisbane band Effects of Boredom recently played two shows over the weekend of the 4th and 5th of May.
The band comprises of three members, Joe Rickard on guitar and vocals, Brendan Byrne on bass and vocals, and Jade Dujmovic on the drums.
The band found it hard to conform to one genre of music.
“We are a genre-confused punk band” Mr. Rickard said
The local Brisbane band has been together for over a year and a half and has played roughly 12 shows in the last 6 months.
Most recently the group graced the stage of Sn@p Wynnum and Ric’s Bar in Fortitude Valley.
“This is a milestone for the band.
“When we first started we had always wanted to play Ric’s” Mr. Rickard said.
They hope to release an EP at the end of the year to follow up their demo that was released last November.
The band aims to have between 5 and 7 songs for the EP which is planned to be released late November or early December.
Each song on the album is a collaborative song from the three members, each person adding in a different component.
“Joe and I come up with the ideas, melodies and riffs, but Jade ultimately decides what goes on the album.” Mr Byrne said.
In early years the group found it difficult to get gigs because they lacked the experience and fan base needed.
As time progressed gigs started to come more frequently, yet they are still turned down on occasion due to the number of Facebook fans they have.
This is because they band feels that they need to work for Facebook ‘Likes’ rather than just asking people to ‘Like’ the page with no reason too.
“We don’t want to be that band that promotes themselves constantly.
“We want to earn and work for our fans to like us.” Mr Rickard said.

Effects of Boredom plan to be playing at Snitch or Thriller within the near future. 

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