Sunday, 7 July 2013

Wonderful Wishes

When someone asks you what's something you wish for in life the usual answers are something materialistic. From toys on a Christmas wish list to having a nice home or car when you get older. But how many people out there can honestly say they would simply wish for happiness.
I was talking with a good friend of mine about the future and everything we wanted. We talked about fame, fortune, love, even which country we wanted to live in. Yet when I asked "if they could only wish for one thing what would it be?" Their answer surprised me. It was simple yet inspiring: They wished for happiness. In the words of my friend, 'you can have fame, fortune, love, and it would be brilliant, but without happiness what's the point?' 
I was speechless, this concept was so simple yet when we look at the world, happiness doesn't seem like a very big priority. People go for jobs that give them a large pay check compared to a job that doesn't pay very well but will make them happy. If we try and live life to make ourselves happy rather than to make money or to impress other people we might just find our quality of life will improve. 

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