Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Looking Lovely

Looking at society today it is clear what we view as "beautiful." We see pictures and advertisements everywhere depicting tanned, muscular men and women with flowing hair and bright white smiles (the men seemed to always be clean shaven). However this hasn't always been the stereotype for a beautiful person, if you look back in history you can see how much beauty has changed over the years. 
 If we look back there has been a time when beauty was perceived as the complete opposite to what we have now. The men were thick and strong with great big beards (we can assume a bit of a beer gut also from all the ale they were drinking). Women with the largest hips were the most beautiful as it showed they could be good at child bearing. Moving further along we come to a time when sugar was a very big luxury and dental hygiene wasn't even an idea. As you can imagine this led to the desirable look to be black rotted teeth as only the wealthy could afford sugar. It was such a big trend that the lower class would even rub charcoal on their teeth to blacken them. White powdered faces were the tanned complexions of the time. 
As you can see being the most "beautiful" person isn't the best thing. In some cases it can be detrimental to your health. This not only happened in historical times but is still happening to this day! More and more people are suffering from eating disorders as they try and fit into the "beautiful" stereotype. So don't try and fit the mould, instead let the mould fit you and embrace who you are. 

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