Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Deep Thinking on the Train

For this post I bring us back to yet another one of my fabulous train rides. This time I'm not travelling to or from university however, this time I am travelling to a local production that I have the privilege to be part of. It was the second morning of shows and I was still in that blissful space between sleep and reality as I boarded the train, this coupled with the lengthy train ride caused my mind to wonder. My mind eventually reached the ultimate question, why are we here and what is the point of it all.
Sitting on the train I believe I have uncovered the secret behind life, the universe and everything, and no the answer is not 42. Now a pre-warning for any super religious people out there who are closed minded about anyone else's beliefs, it might be a good time now to read some of my other blogs, perhaps My Dog's Dog or Adventures on a Train (My First Blog) as things are about to get very philosophical and maybe even a little spiritual. And for those of you who want life to be a surprise, SPOILER ALERT.
On my train ride I started thinking about some people who I had just recently met and yet felt like I had known for a life time. How could it be that I have felt like I have known these people for all my life when we had met a few months prior? Could it be that we may have met before, in a past life? Have I just uncovered the meaning of life? Are we meant to spend our entire lives finding and bonding with the same people over and over again, having new experiences meeting new people on our quest to find the old, this explains the thought of your one true love. This also explains when you meet a person for the first time yet you recognise them and swear you have met them before, it's because you have met them only in a different life time. Now I won't get to much more philosophical or spiritual on you.
I just wanted to remind you quickly of the moral of this story, tired train rides can lead you to possibly discovering the meaning of life. So if you ever feel like unlocking the secrets of the universe, get up early and hop on a train, who knows maybe you'll be able to invent time travel?? 

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