Monday, 8 April 2013

Nerds Are People Too

If you watch any movie (especially from the 80's) there will rarely be a lead character who would be classed as a "nerd". Instead they are portrayed as footballers, musicians, or even motorcycle riding rebel. Where is a movie where the hero is a glasses wearing, acne ridden, video game loving nerd? It's about time the world realises, nerds are people too.
While there are some movies that are trying to sell nerds in a new light, they are still the muscular, charming nerds, who seem no different to the football players, only they are freakishly smart. This is seen in characters such as Ironman, played by Robert Downey Jnr. and Dr Bruce Banner (Hulk) played by many actors over the years. The glasses wearing, pimple ridden nerds are still seen in a negative light.
What people fail to realise is the fact that these nerds grow up to be doctors, engineers and scientist. They become the ones who invent things to make our life easier. While the footballers grow up to run around a field throwing a ball to each other (not that there is anything wrong with that), nerds go out to save lives and create a new future or even design the ships that travel through space.
I am aware that doctors, engineers aren't always the glasses wearing, pimple ridden, video game loving nerds that we all know and love. So I will give you a quick example of gamers helping scientists to find a cure for HIV-Aids. There is a protein molecule found in aids that is constantly changing, because of this scientists were never able to find an anti-body to overcome the disease. This was until they found a group of gamers who played an enzyme building game, the aim of this game was to guess what the enzyme would look like before it finished building itself. Using these skills the top gamers were asked to try and discover what the next stage of this protein molecule would look like. The gamers were successful and ended up saving scientists what could possibly be years of research.
I'm not trying to put down our footballers, musicians or motorcycle riding rebels, I'm just trying to say that we should give nerds a chance. After all, nerds are people too.

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