Monday, 17 June 2013

Horrific Hypocrites

The other day I was having a conversation with a man I was doing a project with, he had asked me if I had any concerns with the project. I wanted to be honest with him, I didn't have many concerns but I was concerned with the closing song. I felt it didn't suit and that the audience wouldn't understand. Now I wasn't saying that we had to change the song, I was simply expressing my concern because he asked. I felt, being a music major and having had previous experience with film composing that he would have valued my musical input. I was very wrong. He proceed to tell me it was not my place to criticise the project and I shouldn't question his creative artistry. He justified why he chose the song but that wasn't enough, he had to tell me I didn't know what I was talking about and I shouldn't be worrying about the music and just do my job. I was shocked, this man ask me for my opinion and then turned on me when my opinion wasn't all praise. Granted he was the leader of this project but I was under the impression he was just after my opinion. I never once told him he was wrong, yet he got defensive and struck back. 
This happens all the time in life. People rarely ever want to hear someone's genuine opinion unless it's the same as their own. People don't seek contradiction, they seek approval and reassurance. This means they can easily turn on you if you don't give them this reassurance. And for those of you out there asking people for their opinion you need to first stop and think, do you want an actual opinion or just reassurance, because if you're after reassurance maybe it's best if you don't ask. 

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  1. Absolutely shocking! I bet he had red hair! You can never trust those ones!