Monday, 23 November 2015

Dear Adele and Drake

Adele and Drake have both recently released songs that almost broke the internet. I won't get into which song I like more or which is a better song (although those of you who know me personally will probably guess which one I belt out in the car and which one I can't stand listening to.)

What I am going to do, is delve into what these songs are about because I disagree with the message. Here is my open letter to Adele and Drake.

Dear Adele and Drake,

It's time to move on, you left your ex behind. You can't get sad now that you've come back years later to discover they have moved on with their lives. I understand that you were hoping you could take off right where you left off, but it's selfish of you to now make your ex feel bad, through the power of music, for living their lives.

I would like to speak to you individually now, starting with Drake. Drake man, you're getting to a creepy stalker level. Don't follow your ex to the club, don't worry if she has champagne out on the dance floor. Looking at your lyrics I am beginning to believe that you never actually dated this girl... was she just a late night booty call? Because if that is the case you need to move on man. You left the city, you have made that perfectly clear, so don't worry about what this girl is up to or who she is hanging with. I get you care about her, but don't get made that she is filling up pages in her passport or hanging with some girls you never seen before. It sounds like you left your booty call, and she has made some new friends and gone travelling, Drake you could learn a thing or two from this girl, go and live your life and make some new friends.

Adele, I can understand your perspective a little more than Drakes (again Drake, don't be a creepy stalker following her to the dance floor). All you wanted to do was apologise about how you left things when you did leave. In a way, I think you are just after some closure, to make sure they did go on and live their life. This would be fine, if not for you passive aggressive line of "But it don't matter, clearly, it doesn't tear you apart anymore." Adele, that's not okay. Don't make this ex of yours feel bad because they moved on and were able to heal the wounds of their past. You have the power to make people miss ex's they never even had. You need to use this power for good, not for passive aggressive making your ex that you left feel bad for healing and moving on. I understand he didn't take your call and so you had no option but to give a message through song, but maybe you could have had a chorus that went...
"Hello from the outside,
I'm glad to see that you have tried
To move on, and I'm happy
For you, and all that you've done, so be proud"
It's not perfect I know, but you can work on it.

I wish you both happiness in your future love endeavours, maybe you could call each other? Just try to be less passive aggressive (Adele), and a little less stalkery (Drake).


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