Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Coffee - A Poem

I feel like a Zombie
As I stumble off the train.
My head hangs low, my feet shuffle,
I barely feel the rain
As it begins to fall upon my shoulders

I make my way towards a haven,
A fortress, with my saviour,
I approach the man standing guard
who asks me to chose my flavour.

The machine purrs to life,
Steam curls around it's corners
My guardian angel reaches out
A cup is in his hands.
I reach out with mine,
Fingers briefly intertwine
Then it's as if time.... stops.

I take a sip,
and then another,
The warmth flows through my veins, down to my core

I feel life spread to my extremities,
No longer shall I shuffle like a zombie,
My head held high,
I walk fast and strong,
Im calm,

Yes, this coffee will get me by...
Until the addition starts to twitch
Yes, this coffee will get me by...

Until I can get my next fix

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