Friday, 26 June 2015

Gym or Netfix

I have been debating recently if I should get a gym membership or a Netflix subscription.
I've decided to write up the pros and cons of each, and hopefully it will help me (and maybe even help you) to figure out which one is best. 


  • Will hopefully allow me to pull a Chris Pratt - turn me from a loveable chub to a ripped hottie who is somehow even more loveable than before
  • Improves my general fitness and health 
  • I know it's the better option..... although I can't think of any more reasons
  • It's more expensive 
  • It takes a lot more will power
  • It's going to be a lot more painful than sitting and watching Netflix... 


  • I can finally be up to date on all the popular shows, this will lead to be being able to talk to people again. 
  • I can binge watch old favourites
  • It's cheaper than a gym membership 
  • I do love movies and tv, so that is going to count for a reason

  • Admittedly it's detrimental to my fitness to stay in bed and watch a season (or two) of TV...
  • It will cost me what little of my social life I have
  • That is really about it... 

The gym membership is definitely the healthier option, which I guess is the better option... but the minute I get a job that pays I will get both a gym membership and a Netflix account! Then we can see which holds up better... 

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