Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Karaoke is but Self-indulgence

Now, I want to start by saying I love Karaoke! There is nothing better than drinking, getting on a stage in front of strangers and pretending you can sing. Hell, it's even great for those who don't want to sing, they can sit back and enjoy the rest of us make complete fools of ourselves. Yet I can't help but feel it's all just a way of self pleasure.

I got this feeling when I was having my 'Sober Night Out' (that post is coming I promise) in which I went out and did all the things you do while drinking, but without drinking. Obviously this had to include karaoke. I got up and sang, and my partner got up and sang, and the ammeters who have never before drank and sang got up and sang! But what I had never realised before was there was a bit of a Karaoke club. Not an official club with jackets (maybe they had jackets, if they did they weren't wearing them) but just a group of karaoke singers who all knew each other, were on first name basis with the karaoke MC and knew the bar staff.

There wasn't any real benefit that I could see from being in this club, they didn't get to cut in line, they didn't get cheap drinks and they didn't get any thing I didn't get from karaoke. In fact for the most part they looked bored. When they weren't singing they were outside smoking, only to run back inside once the music to their song started.

It was interesting, something I might not have noticed had I been drinking with everyone else. But as it was my sober night out, I definitely noticed it. Now, not wanting to offend, they weren't great singers. They were good, but I wouldn't sign them to a record label. So I feel part of the reason they were the karaoke club was because of the applause they get at the end of their performances. They were definitely the best singers at the bar (although it wasn't too hard to beat the unintelligible drunk man and the little old lady who forgot her words, she gets points for being cute though). So of course when they got on stage and belted some crowd favourites people lost their shit (a metaphor here, for those of you who thought people literally misplaced their faecal matter, it means they went crazy). They were the rock stars of the karaoke bar! And while my rendition of Don't Stop Believing didn't launch me into the rock n roll hall of fame, I do know the bench mark that has been set before me.

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