Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Gripping Fear

Humans have always been afraid of the unknown. When we were younger the unknown was simple, like the dark and not knowing what was lurking in the shadows. Yet as we grow older the simple things become more and more known, which means our fear of the unknown expands to bigger thoughts and ideas. One of the biggest fears I have found I have is the fear of the future. Even my own mother gets worried about my future. I believe this fear again stems from the unknown.
Wanting to get a career in the entertainment industry as always gotten me almost pitying looks, or as my old English teacher put it when I mentioned I was going to study Journalism and Music - "Why would you choose two dying fields?" I've always been told that while I should follow my dreams I should have a safety net or back up plan just to save me if I don't succeed. But what happens when this back up plan takes over from our dreams? What sets aside the dreamers and the achievers, in my opinion, is taking the leap of faith. You have to be willing to let go of the safety nets and leap into the unknown. It's terrifying but if my two greatest heroes are able to let go of their safety nets then why can't I? The first of my heroes is Batman, during the Dark Knight Rises he must climb out of his prison pit, but because he had a safety rope he allowed himself to fall. It wasn't until he let go of the rope that he was able to pull together the courage required to make the leap and free himself from the prison. My other hero, Phil Dunphy proves that he was able to achieve his dream of being a tightrope walker once he removed the safety net by setting his bar at a hight that he couldn't let himself fall from. It shows that if we set ourselves up to fall then we will fall.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will - Carry Fletcher

The other fear people have is that their life won't mean anything. With over seven billion people on this planet people fear that the importance of their lives will be drowned out by the noise of everyone else. We want our lives to matter, for someone to witness the events that are our lives. Yet when do find this person, we are faced with a decision. Do we jump head first into the unknown holding their hands, or do we stay in our comfort zone, never progressing but never knowing what we are missing. Of course this might not end the way you want it to, but in the end we are no worse off for trying. We will never regret the things we do in life, only the things we don't try.
So my dear readers, don't be afraid to make the leap to follow your dreams, and don't be afraid to share it with someone.

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