Saturday, 15 February 2014

7 Billion Stories and Counting

Hello my Smart Yet Casual Readers, once again I apologise for the lateness of my post (but one month into the new year is always the best time to start right?) this year it is my resolution to, once I start writing, continue to post at regular intervals even if it's a paragraph. So obviously I had put off the start of this epic adventure as late as I thought I possibly could. However, guilt and boredom have taken over and the adventure is now about to begin. I shall be posting every week, I make no promise on the day, but it will come out no later then 7 days from the previous post so make sure you check in regularly.

Have you ever stopped and wondered what is happening in the lives of those around you? I'm not just talking about people close to you, but the people you pass every day in the street, on your way to work or school or when you're out shopping. Every single person is the lead character to their own story, they don't just disappear when you no longer see them. How many times a day do you play an extra in someone else's life while being the lead in your own?

There's even an ad for apple that claims everyone gets to write one verse in the play of life. It goes on to say what will yours be? While this is extremely inspiring it also poses the question how will you be able to make your verse stand out against the other billions of verse that have been written in the entire history of time. We all play such a small yet extremely important role in life. While we may sometimes lose sight of what that role may be it doesn't mean we don't have a purpose or a reason to be on this earth.

Now I'm not going to tell you that you need to strive to do your best everyday, because lets face it, people have bad days. That being said, maybe try not to bring other people down when you are having a bad day. For example, you're running late for work because the line for Starbucks is too long (I have an unsettling addiction to Starbucks) don't then take your frustration out on the poor man or woman who is giving you precious coffee, instead smile at them, it doesn't have to be a big gesture. Just something small, maybe you find your own mood will be lifted.

Remember everyone is an actor, writer, and contributor in this play of life. So make sure your part is the best you can make it.

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