Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Extreme Exams

Today I completed my first ever exam at university and it was extreme. First off we didn't learn half of the things that were on the exam, we were just expected to figure it out, and it was worth 60% of our marks! For some it was too much to bear. One poor girl broke down at the back of the room and had to leave the exam crying. For the rest of us, we pushed on answering the questions we could and promising ourselves we would come back to the ones we couldn't later. Some people filled up to 3 answer booklets others struggling to fill one. Some people gave up and left the minute they could, while others stayed, hands scribbling across the page until the very last second. I survived it, I answered all the questions and didn't break down. I feel very proud to be alive at the end of the exam and happy to see it's finally over.

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